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Next-Generation Antibody Therapies

Our approach consists of two technology platforms: our DiversImmune® platform, which we use to generate therapeutic “building blocks,” which are high affinity and high specificity antibodies with functional activity against therapeutic targets; and our MultiMabTM platform, which we use to construct therapeutic product candidates by assembling the building blocks into different combinations of bi- and multi-specific antibodies. Together, these platforms support our strategy of building a broad pipeline of next generation antibody therapeutics that are designed to address a wide range of human diseases.

DiversImmune® Antibody Discovery Platform

Create antibody therapies against traditionally difficult targets

MultiMab™ Antibody Engineering Platform

Enhance efficacy and safety: fine-tuning antibody product formats for optimal results

TetraBi Antibody Format for T-cell Engagement

We are building a pipeline of T-cell engagers based on a tetravalent bispecific (TetraBi) format.

We believe the TetraBi antibody format offers several significant competitive advantages:

  • Bivalent binding to tumor associated antigen (“TAA”)  for potentially increased efficacy
  • Fc modification for reducing toxicity and increasing antibody half life
  • Flexible configuration for increased safety and/or maximized efficacy
  • Symmetrical structure for streamlined manufacturing
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