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Our Product Pipeline

Our DiversImmune™ and MultiMab™ platforms and licensing strategy have generated a pipeline of next-generation antibody product candidates, for which we have exclusive majority or full commercialization rights.

ABP 300: Covid-19 neutralizing monoclonal therapy

ABP 300 is a human neutralizing monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID-19. It works by disrupting the interaction of receptor binding domain (RBD) of COVID-19 with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor. The molecule has shown neutralizing efficacy in vivo preclinically against COVID-19. Abpro is currently working to advance this therapy in the clinic, in worldwide clinical trials studies, to treat patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as possible.

ABP 100: Bispecific antibody for breast/gastric/colorectal cancer

We have created a bispecific antibody to treat patients affected by HER2+ types of cancer, including breast, gastric and colorectal. Our molecule is highly specific for HER2+ tumors, and brings natural immune t-cells to the tumor to reduce it.

ABP 150: Bispecific antibody for gastric cancer

This is an advanced antibody treatment for gastric cancer using bispecific, or two-pronged antibodies. One arm binds to a cancer marker specific for gastric tumors and the other binds to an immune cell to bring it into close proximity with the tumor cell.

ABP 201: Bispecific antibody for Wet AMD/Diabetic macular edema

This is our next-generation treatment for those afflicted with Wet AMD/DME. These are generally diseases that gradually cause blindness in patients. Our molecule, a bispecific antibody, has been engineered to improve the current VEGF therapies already being used to treat patients effectively. By using the latest in antibody engineering, the molecule can potentially improve efficacy and also durability for patients, leading to an overall higher quality of life.

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