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Our Mission

Our mission is to pioneer the next wave of modern medicines to treat and cure the most significant diseases facing mankind today.

Although mankind has made dramatic advances in fighting disease to date, some of the deadliest afflictions remain uncured, including cancer and autoimmune disorders. Since its inception, the biotechnology industry has played a major role in developing new therapies. Even though the first wave of therapies has been effective, a new era of modern medicine is now emerging. Recent discoveries have provided insights into how we can better utilize the immune system to fight disease the way nature intended, and new advances in bioengineering have provided ways to leverage the immune system to our advantage.

We believe understanding the complex interactions between molecules and cells will provide the key to the next generation of breakthrough therapies. The world of treatment possibilities abounds with this knowledge and we are positioned to translate these findings into new medicines to better the human condition.


Abpro offers competitive salaries and generous benefits with the opportunity to learn and grow in an employee-driven culture.

We are seeking individuals with infectious enthusiasm, passion, and conviction who will be committed to our core values and mission.

If you thrive in an upbeat, energetic, collaborative environment where every individual counts, we are looking for you!

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